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5090 Explorer Drive Suite 700
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Fax: +1-905-624-7805
Post Code: L4W 4T9

Telephone: +1-905-629-3400

InnVest Hotels LP

InnVest REIT holds one of Canada’s largest hotel portfolios together with a 50% interest in Choice Hotels Canada Inc., one of the largest franchisors of hotels in Canada.  InnVest’s  portfolio currently comprises of 111 hotel properties, with approximately 14,500 rooms, operated under internationally recognized franchise brands.  The portfolio is well diversified across hotel accommodation categories, brands, geography and customers.

Hotels North America July 9, 2013
Development July 8, 2013
Organization July 8, 2013

In the management and capital-intensive
hotel industry, it is essential to have an
operator who thinks like an owner. Westmont
differentiates itself from conventional hotel
management companies by taking an equity
share in the majority of its investments.

Westmont has co-owned and, through
its subsidiaries, operated over 800 hotels
in North America. Currently, Westmont has
ownership interests in excess of 400 hotels
across North America, consisting of
approximately 85,000 rooms.

Westmont has built up a number of
significant support teams in various
geographical areas, allowing the
organization to specifically tailor its services
to the opportunity that presents itself.

The company will invest in an asset when it
believes value can be created. Value creation
is normally achieved by a combination of
factors involving rebranding of the hotel,
repositioning the product through capital
expenditure and by improving the 
management and profitability.