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Twin Nieces

East Similkameen Group - Properties For Sale
Articul # 939480

Location and Licenses

Longitude 120° 14’ 30.6” W - Latitude 49° 27’ 07.0” N
1 cell – 21.031 hectares (61.969 acres)
Price: $ 2,800


East Similkameen River Gold District

Geologically, since the melt of at least the last glacial event, values of gold and platinum from both the Upper Similkameen and Tulameen River regions have been carried downstream, to become deposited within the East Similkameen Gold District, thus, offering the best of the outflow from both of these historic gold districts. Each year, immeasurable amounts of gold and platinum [fines, float and potentially sizable nuggets] is transported down this river system from the upper gold fields, perpetually refreshing the East Similkameen River’s overall potential. Random sampling results have ranged from 20 to 50 easily visible colors per [small] pan from bank run material and gravels. By example, one client has reported a recovery of two grams over ten pans, from bank run. Clients who have purchased other GPEX properties along this area, have offered such expressions as, “more than pleased” to “I’ve really hit the bonanza.”


Though GPEX had the Similkameen East Group in its scope for many years, due to the vast number of hardrock properties still remaining in portfolio, the company held back on their staking until the timing was right. In the interim, it was amazing that others had not effected similar research nor conducted fieldtrips to determine the area’s potential. Along the Similkameen River east of Princeton, ground which otherwise did not fall within Indian Reserves or was restricted by other encumbering factors, and only those of which GPEX felt worthy of adding to its own portfolio, were staked. Once the more prime ground bearing the greater potential had been secured, it was then none-the-less amusing, watching the mini-staking-frenzy which ensued over any remaining open land situate along that stretch of the Similkameen River.


For convenience herein, the claims comprised within the East Similkameen District have been divided into two distinct groups, the West Group and the East Group. Using Bromley Rock as the central point, the West Group comprises those lying between Princeton and Bromley, while the East Group comprises those lying east of Bromley, to the Stemwinder area. Several of those staked properties have already been sold, including a few to the west of those still remaining within the West Group, as like those situate between the Groups. It should not, however, be construed that all the better properties have been purchased, for those which have been secured by other entities, were acquired according to personal physiological preference only. Currently, there remains in portfolio, eleven ideal GPEX gold and platinum properties available to consider from - - six within the West Group, five within the East Group.


In following the watercourse east from Princeton, of those claims currently available, the western-most boundary of the “West Similkameen Group” commences approximately 7.5 kilometres east of the confluence of the Tulameen River with the Similkameen River, and extends eastward to the eastern most claim in the Group, at approximately 13.2 kilometres east of said mergence. The “East Similkameen Group” of tenures extends over a 5 kilometre stretch of the river, from the 23.75 kilometre mark to the 28 kilometre mark (both in air kilometres east of the Tulameen’s convergence with the Similkameen). The eastern-most claim lies just 5 kilometres west of the celebrated and historic gold camp of Hedley.


Access to all properties would be considered excellent, with BC Highway #3 paralleling the south side of the Similkameen River, and the Old Hedley Road similarly bordering on the river’s north side. Properties in the East Group offers three vast Forestry camping sites, situate along the claim areas on the Old Hedley Road side of the river. These locations facilitates from rough camping up to (non-serviced) motorhome camping, while offering picturesque riverside views with an ambient atmosphere, thus enhancing the overall prospecting venture. This region is also, ideally suited for the family setting. Princeton, though a smaller community of approx. 3000, offers many services and hosts numerous retail outlets (please view further details on Princeton).


The properties listed herein, were not initially acquired for the purpose of selling. However, due to varied changes along life’s road, decision was made to significantly downsize the company’s portfolio. Also, in considering the purchase of a quality property, bear in mind that GPEX’s outlook is not in seeking exorbitant returns from its claims but rather focuses on recouping only the value of its investment, while offering prospecting opportunities at affordable prices to all bearing such interest. Therefore, claim quality cannot be measured by its low price. With today’s soaring gold prices, a return on the initial investment could be rapidly realized. Purchase for yourself or, as a group with one or more prospecting buddies.


For further information, or, for setting an appointment to view a property, please contact Larry at GPEX, (604) 869-5511 or via email


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