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Head Office
1006 103A Street SW, Suite 301
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Post Code: T6W 2P6
Fax: 1-780-464-0920
Telephone: 1-780-464-3700; Toll-Free: 1-(800)-222-6481

Fountain Tire

As a nationally recognized tire dealer in Canada, Fountain Tire offers a wide range of car, truck, and trailer tires, as well as complete automotive services, for any make and model of vehicle.

Fleet HQ Program July 2, 2020
Industrial Tires July 2, 2020
Recent Activity
4 for 3’s outdone itself, with extra savings of up to $60 through mail-in rebate. 10 days left before the sale ends on October 17th. Have you booked your appointment yet?
7 years ago
How are your brakes performing? Our owners recommend you get them checked if you notice any: 5. Fading 4. Pulling 3. Grinding & Squealing 2. Vibrating 1. Soft Brake Pedals
7 years ago
For the next two weeks, it’s our most wonderful-er time of year, where you can get 4 for 3 plus save up to $60 with a mail-in rebate. Sale ends Oct 17. Have you changed yours?
7 years ago
For a limited time only, take advantage of 4 for 3 plus $60 more off. Perfect for a set of winter tires. Share if you know someone who still needs to change their tires.
7 years ago
Dads love ties, and tires. Maybe because they're almost the same word, or maybe because they're both great gifts for Father's Day. And yes, we have the tires dad wants!
7 years ago