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USA, Canada & Central America Triple R America Co. Ltd.
2700 Dufferin St., Unit 86
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Post Code: M6B 4J3
Fax: 1-416-413-9387
E-mail: info@triple-rrr.com
Telephone: 1-416-413-9202, Toll Free 1-800-668-8671

Triple R America Group

Oil Filter Manufacturers - Triple R.
Over the last 40 years we have continued to invest significantly in R&D, developing a wide range of new products to augment our initial oil cleaning systems.
Removal of solid particles, water, sludge and oil degradation. All-in-one. Triple R oil cleaners were the first to allow 'total cleaning' of industrial hydraulic oil and lube oil, guaranteeing oil purity by removing everything from solid Particles to water to sludge and oil oxidation residues.
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