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Equipment for the Mining Industry

Products for which Nor-Arc and Normex have excelled in are:
• The manufacture and construction of steel structures housing the mining equipment,
• The retention of wastewater tanks
• Mineral Handling Equipment
• Leech tank with rubber, ceramic plates for wear and abrasion resistant steel
• Welded, bolted of tanks with hybrid design
• Launders
• Skid Dumps
• Charging Station
• Slinger
• Water cooled furnace hood.
Equipment for the Mining Industry
Working closely with designers and mining contractors, the multidisciplinary team of Nor-Arc and Normex have developed an enviable expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of structures as well as have equipment for the mining industry.
Our team meets the standards required and are certified for working underground. Nor-Arc and Normex have implemented a program of ongoing training. We value the training measures in place for the projects with regards to the health and safety of our employees and those of our partners and customers.