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Electronic Calibration Conveyor Mixer

• Portable and supplied for with draw bar and pintle eye to travel to sites;
• AirRide Suspension;
• Retractable cargo ramp on both sides of the loading bucket;
• Provides alternation to load trucks, reducing the waiting time;
• Diesel powered engine for a hydraulic system;
• An electronic calibration for the mixture of solids;
• Hydraulic system for the conveyor and bucket;
• Hydraulic Jacks for stabilization;
• Bin easily accessible for loaders;
• Curb Weight of 20,500 lbs;
• 45 feet long, unloading position head pulley of 128 inches;
• Conveyor speed 400 ft / min;
• Treatment capacity from 600 to 800 tons per hour.
Electronic Calibration Conveyor Mixer
The process consists of a portable mechanized system for mixing several solids such as sand, salt, dirt, pellet, wood chips and other material requiring a mixture for a specific application.
The advantages of the conveyor-mixer developed by Nor-Arc is its mobility and electronic calibration of the mixtures. Its design with two unloading docks optimizes its use with the ability to unload one truck while receiving a second.