Hella Inc

NaviLED® M

Product Features
• High visibility yellow, impact-resistant acrylic base
• Clear UV and chemical resistant modified acrylic lens
• Function colors coded into lens caps
• Amber, red, blue, green and with functions available
• Minimum visible distance of 3 km
• Single high intensity LED light source
• Sealed unit pre-wired with multi strand double insulated cable
• Available with DT plugs or bare wire ends
• Multivolt™ 9-33V DC
• Spike protected to +500 volts
• Over voltage protected to +200 volts
• Reverse polarity protected to -500 volts
• Power consumption 2W
• Sealed to IP6K6 and IP6K7 to withstand temporary immersion and high pressure washing
• 200G shock impulse resistant
• Tested over a -40ºC to +70ºC temperature range
• External elements polymers rated UL94 HB
Warning Beacon
HELLA NaviLED® M is a range of surface mount LED signal lamps, specifically designed to provide all-round visibility. NaviLED M lamps are targeted for use on mining production equipment where colored signal lamps are required to provide operational status and identification information.
As a new feature all NaviLED® M LED Signal lamps now offer a single flashing signal light in addition to the standard 'steady on' signal light function. The additional flashing function provides optimum warning efficiency and renderst the lamp suitable for use as a fault indication device.  The preferred signal function is selected by simply reversing the wiring polarity.
The highly ergonomic and user-friendly design ensures that the NaviLED M has no sharp edges or protruding fasteners when installed. HELLA engineered NaviLED M lamps to ensure a very long service life and no lighting loss due to internal dirt build-up; they are also very well suited to wet and corrosive environments and tolerate short-term immersion.
Excellent durability of the housing and active LED electronics of HELLA Mining products, as well as long term impact, chemical and UV damage resistance in the highly corrosive and abrasive mining environment, is ensured through meticulous testing and selection of materials and assembly processes. NaviLED® M signal lamps have undergone extensive ‘test to destruction’ programs to ensure product reliability meets HELLA Mining requirements.
Advanced Multivolt™ drive circuitry pioneered by HELLA which provides reverse polarity, spike and over-voltage protection for long life and reliable operation of the LED, is sealed into the base. NaviLED® M lamps deliver consistent illumination from 9-33V (See technical section for additional information.) NaviLED® M lamps are available in five LED signal colors (amber, red, blue, green and white) to suit a wide range of applications.
Maximum service life and light output of the high intensity LED light source is ensured through an integral aluminum heat sink. A multi component refractor system delivers controlled rotationally symmetrical light distribution with minimal losses. The smooth self-cleaning exterior lens can be re-polished if required, with no detrimental effect on light-output or chemical resistance.
Safe and reliable electrical connection is facilitated via a short length double insulated multi core cable, terminated as standard in DT connector or with bare wire ends. Other connector options can be supplied as special orders.