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Product Features
• Heavy cast alloy base 
• Impact resistant smooth polycarbonate lens
• Clear precision Fresnel optics
• Voltage nominal: 12V – 24V DC      
• Voltage operating: 9V            – 32V DC
• Field selectable double or quad flash
• Field selectable high/low flash intensity
• 10 Joules @ 80 FPM  
• 16 Joules @ 65 FPM
• Reverse polarity, voltage spike & surge protection
• Mounting: 150mm PCD from above and 30mm SPT from below.
• SAE J1318 Class 2 compliant
• SAE J575 compliant
• Components tested over a –40ºC to +50ºC temperature range
• IP6K6
• 50G shock resistant lamp       
• Suitable for use with GuardRAY® protective cage
• Consumable spares interchangeable with PulseRAY® E67 beacons

Heavy Duty Xenon Warning Beacon
PulseRAY® KLX Xenon strobe warning beacons are specifically developed to fulfill the demands of markets with SAE standards. The beacon is designed for heavy duty use on mining machinery; suitable for 24V and 12V electrical systems.
Reliable, unambiguous and highly visible optical warning signals are essential to create a safe and productive work area where machine operators can clearly see and identify any hazards in their work environment at the correct time to take the required action. The PulseRAY® KLX is engineered to deliver intense high visibility signals under continuous use in the extreme environmental conditions encountered in mining applications.
PulseRAY® KLX beacons combine a smooth outer polycarbonate amber lens in the classic HELLA shape, with a high clear precision Fresnel optic internal lens, reducing dirt build-up compared to textured lenses and delivering significant improvements in long term light output and beam control under actual operating conditions. (Other lens colors available as special order.)Extended service life, and maximum light output of the PulseRAY® is ensured by using the die-cast aluminum base as heat sink for the Multivolt™ drive circuitry. The electronics are encapsulated as protection against shock damage and ingress of moisture or other atmospheric contaminants.
Rapid service access to the PulseRAY® is enabled by its thread-on lens and captive O-ring seal, while the field replaceable Xenon flash tube with clip-in base ensures correct polarity. User selection between double or quad flash as well as high or low flash intensity is done by setting DIP switches when fitting the PulseRAY™. Comprehensive protection is provided against reverse voltage, high voltage spikes and over-voltage.
The heavy-duty cast alloy base, finished in high visibility yellow UV resistant multi-stage powder coating process, ensures optimal corrosion protection. The PulseRAY® KLX base suits the standard 6” (150mm) diameter mounting pattern used in North America, as well as a threaded pole.