Hella Inc


Product Features
• Improves safety & visibility
• Low maintenance
• Low energy consumption
• Long service life
• Expandable fleet numbers
• Easy to assemble
• Excellent performance in hot, cold, and wet environments
• Fully sealed against dust and moisture to IP6K7
• Durable PMMA lens
• Robust ABS and PC housing

All HELLA Mining LED products are covered by a five (5) year warranty on light output, excluding environmental and physical damage.

Number Boards
NumiLED® is a modular system of robust illuminated identification panels developed for use in work environments where situational awareness forms the basis of safe operation, and where visibility is often very poor. Typical applications for the NumiLED® system are: identification numbers for mining haul trucks and shovels, as well as process tanks and conveyor transfer stations.
The very high levels of dirt in mining and many industrial applications render retro-reflective and normal high contrast signage ineffective. The NumiLED® system overcomes these challenges through the combination of advanced optical engineering and the best high intensity LED technology available. NumiLED® panels provide clear, legible identification for distances up to one kilometer day and night.
Each NumiLED® unit consists of a robust housing equipped with an array of high intensity LED modules arranged to display an alphanumeric character of choice. HELLA engineered every aspect of the NumiLED® system to withstand the corrosion, vibration and generally hostile operational environment for extended periods.  Designed to indefinitely retain its full integrity after maintenance, repairs can be made quickly without any requirement for specialised tools or skills.
The active LED modules are custom versions of proven 'fit & forget' HELLA products adapted to suit this application.  The LED modules are fully sealed and pre-wired with double insulated cabling and keyed DT connectors to eliminate malfunctions due to water ingress, corrosion or user errors. Cognisant of the operating environment, the NumiLED® system is designed to allow any one LED module to be damaged without impairing the function of the whole unit.  Individual LED modules can be added, removed and replaced at any time, allowing users to re-use or repair, or recycle NumiLED® units into new applications.
To ensure long term reliability and maintainability, the power distribution and control of the LED modules is implemented as a weatherproof distribution module with keyed DT sockets affixed to the rear of the NumiLED® housing. The power module is based on an ultra heavy-duty military grade dual layer gold plated PCB incorporating fault finding diagnostics as well as the programming control system in the NumiLED® PRO versions.
NumiLED® housings are precision fabricated from heavy gauge grade 304 stainless plates. A corrosion and UV resistant black semi gloss powder coat or natural finishes are standard options. The NumiLED® housing is supplied complete with power module, prepared fixing and mounting holes, with the larger cabling holes fitted with high quality rubber grommets to prevent cable chafing. In addition, each NumiLED® housing is equipped with four high quality vibration dampers to isolate the NumiLED® number board from the vibration generated by the machine it is mounted to.