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EuroLED® Touch M

Product features
• Dual color LED lighting
• Integral, touch sensitive switching
• Dimming function with memory
• Multivolt™ 9-33V DC 
• Ultra low power consumption
• Shock and vibration resistance
• Over voltage, reverse polartiy and transient spike circuit protection
• Low EMC signature
• IP 6K6 6K7 completely sealed against dust and moisture

Interior Lamp – Multivolt™ 9-33V DC
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Harnessing the durability and power saving benefits of advanced single LED technology, EuroLED® Touch interior lamps offer long lasting, dual color LED light output, using white light for general interior illumination and the additional function of red light to help maintain night vision.
EuroLED Touch interior lamps are equipped with high-performance LEDs – a single white LED in the center of the lamp plus multiple red LEDs arranged in a circular pattern – and highly advanced lens optics providing a uniform light distribution without glare for optimum efficiency and increased safety. The use of MultivoltTM electronics ensures a consistent level of brightness at any input voltage between 9 and 33V DC, even when subjected to severe voltage fluctuations.
Lighting control is made easy thanks to integral, touch sensitive switch pads (white pad for white light, red pad for red light) and a 4-stage dimming function with memory. All it needs is the touch of a finger to switch the light color and regulate the light intensity to suit individual cabin lighting requirements. When the finger is held on either switch pad for longer than two seconds, the lamp will automatically cycle through four dimming stages until the finger is released on the light level required. The integrated memory function ensures the lamp turns on at the light level last selected.
In addition to touch sensitive switching, EuroLED Touch lamps are also suitable for synchronised remote operation from multiple points using standard On/Off/On momentary switches. 
EuroLED Touch lamps are shock and vibration resistant and completely sealed against dust and moisture to international protection standards for maximum durability and increased service life. The unique rounded and low profile design allows fitment into narrow panels, whilst offering distinct operational and safety benefits.
Compared to common fluorescent lamps, EuroLED Touch interior lamps will not interfere with other electronic equipment and run completely silent.

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