Hella Inc


Product Details
• Aluminum core body for optimal thermal performance of LEDs
• Clear UV and chemical resistant modified acrylic lens
• Large optical system for high light output
• Low luminance indirect design ensures low glare
• High intensity LED light source array
• Sealed unit pre-wired with multi strand double insulated cable
• Available with DT plugs
• Multivolt™ 9-31V DC
• Spike protected to +500volts
• Over voltage protected to +200volts
• Reverse polarity protected to -500volts
• Power consumption: 6W
• Sealed to IP6K9 to withstand temporary immersion and high pressure washing when installed
• Surface mount accessories available
• 200G shock impulse resistant
• -40ºC – +60ºC
• External elements manufactured from flame retardant polymers rated UL94 HB
• ADR 2006 (hazardous goods transport) compliant

Heavy Duty Interior Lamp Multivolt™ 9-31V DC
HELLA CargoLED® is an advanced interior light designed with particular attention to visual comfort for applications where operators need high quality light to perform visually intensive tasks for extended periods, in operating environments unsuitable for conventional light sources.
Traditional vehicle interior lighting systems do not deliver the quality of light required by operators of drill rigs and other complex plants who often spend large amounts work time reading detail maps or drawings. Concurrently, flat display panels containing more information are replacing analogue instruments in cabins adding to the intensity and complexity of the visual tasks.
To overcome the limitations of high susceptibility to physical damage and poor efficiency inherent in conventional solutions, HELLA produced the CargoLED®. This unique product combines the best LED experience with advanced, glare free, low luminance “indirect” lighting technology originally developed for CAD studios. This highly innovative solution delivers the visual comfort normally found in offices into almost any mining machine cabin.
The low power consumption and minimal heat output of CargoLED® enables continuous operation in confined spaces and reduces burn injury risk.
CargoLED® employs a large “brilliant” Free-Form optical system and clear lens to provide a large homogenous area illumination with maximum efficiency. HELLA engineered CargoLED® lamps to ensure a very long service life and no lighting loss due to internal dirt build-up. Maximum service life and light output of the high intensity LEDs is ensured through using the aluminum body as a massive heat sink. The clear exterior lens can be re-polished if required, with no detrimental effect on light-output or chemical resistance. CargoLED® is unaffected by shock and vibration, ensuring high reliability. The lamp is fully sealed and designed for a true “fit and forget” installation.
Advanced Multivolt™ control of the LEDs ensures consistent illumination from 9-31V DC – even under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages. This delivers significantly better performance than low-power fluorescent or incandescent interior lights. The circuitry also provides reverse polarity, spike and over-voltage protection for long life and reliable operation.
Safe and reliable electrical connection is facilitated via a short length double insulated cable terminated as standard in DT connectors. A thick gasket is supplied to ensure reliable sealing for recessed installation, and an optional surface mount adaptor is available.