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Assessment and Training Implementation for Supervisors
Event Details
1/2 DAY
This instructor-led seminar is designed to help maintenance managers and supervisors maximize the value of the training events that are delivered to the trades, and to achieve improved team performance. Strategies for successfully implementing skills and techniques taught to tradespersons will be discussed.
Supervisors will learn to deploy training retention strategies. They learn to teach short just-in-time sessions to their teams that compliment and reinforce the objectives of formal trade skills courses.
Participants will learn the use of rubric based (work quality statements) performance assessments as a formal tool for stating and reinforcing expectations, as well as methods to analyze the hard and soft skill gaps within the teams they lead.
Implementation of Skills Taught During Training
Objective: Develop a plan to improve team performance following training
Barriers to implementation
Stating new expectations
Reinforcing desired performance
Setting progress milestones
Team Communications and Collabration
Objective: Describe strategies to encourage improved team communications
Communications problems during troubleshooting
Examples of concise communication
Describing system faults and problems
Using multi-skilled maintenance & troubleshooting teams (e.g. Mechanic, Millwright, Electrician)
Measuring Training Return On Investment(ROI)
Objective: Develop strategies to measure and refine training outcomes
Purpose of measuring ROI
Tying training objectives to maintenance KPI's
Utilizing four levels of training assessment
Limitations of level I and II assessment
Level III, Observing change in performance - catching them doing it right!
Level IV, Data measurement – financial and production results
Assessment Of Maintenance Tradespersons
Objective: Deploy formal assessments designed to drive performance improvement
Purpose of the assessment
Assessment tools
Four skill categories
Soft Skills
Maintenance Management Skills
Plant or Mobile Machine Engineering
Trade Specific Skills
Completing the assessment
Analyzing technical and essential skill gaps
Training and development strategy
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CD Industrial Group Inc.
CD Industrial Group Inc. is an industrial training company. Our e-learning site is www.lunchboxsessions.com. Our interactive hydraulics training is based on over fifteen years of direct classroom testing. It gets the learner inside the system. Customized, instructor-led training and on-site maintenance team coaching is also available in a variety of mechanical and electrical topics.
September 13, 2020 - September 13, 2025
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