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The Coal Industry Day
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Brought to you by Resources for Africa, the organisers of the Joburg Indaba, the 3rd edition of the Coal Industry Day is taking place as a virtual discussion on Tuesday 27th July. This year’s event will focus on the current challenges facing the industry, including the future of coal given the increasing environmental pressures and how to achieve a just energy transition for the Southern African coal mining industry, given these pressures as well as social and economic impacts.
The ongoing effects of Covid-19 on the industry, funding for coal projects, the local and export coal markets, Eskom’s current and future strategies and coal producers’ strategies will all be addressed.
Industry leaders from coal miners, buyers, traders, investors and funders, environmental and legal experts, business organisations and independent consultants will discuss key issues such as:
Why we need to change the narrative about coal
The global outlook for coal post-Covid-19
The changing face of the Southern African coal and energy market
What is Eskom’s perspective on the role of coal in South Africa’s future energy mix?
How are coal producers responding to changing market conditions?
The future of funding for coal projects
Local and international demand for coal in a post-Covid-19 world
The just energy transition: how can Southern Africa move away from coal to cleaner energy sources?
What is being done to create ‘green coal’ throughout the value chain?
And much more...

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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