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With its PSA Academy, Henkel offers a comprehensive training portfolio supporting professionals at tape and label producers or printers as well as manufacturers of PSA-based specialties. In February 2017, the PSA Academy held its initial in-depth training session at the Henkel Hotmelt PSA Competence Center in Germany – with great success. Take part in an exclusive certified training course for the handling and application of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs). The Henkel PSA Academy was developed in close cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) which assures you a high-quality standard of the training and gives you the opportunity to become a CCI-certified „Technical Specialist in HM Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Labels, Tapes and Special Applications (CCI)“.
Contents & Topics
The Henkel PSA Academy Europe is an in-depth training course taking place in the facilities of Henkel locations. Most mornings include theoretical teaching from Henkel technical service experts. In the afternoons, the participants will do hands-on training in our technical center and laboratories.
All teachers of the PSA Academy are highly qualified experts in the field of adhesive technologies. They are recognized industry experts and dispose of the ability to convey both theoretical and practical knowledge on the topic of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives.
At the end of the course, you will pass a test and obtain a certificate “Technical Specialist in HM Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Labels, Tapes and Special Applications (CCI)“ endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Who should attend
The Henkel PSA Academy is addressed to companies like label producers or printers, tape producers as well as manufacturers of PSA-based specialties (e.g. graphics, medical). The training course is particularly interesting to all employees which are in direct contact with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives such as:
Operating personnel
Machine supervisors
Process engineers
Laboratory staff
Shift manager
Quality control
Product Development
The training course is also suitable for employees from product management, technical purchasing and quality management as knowledge from the complete PSA process chain is transmitted.
Your company will sustainably benefit from the Henkel PSA Academy due to a highly qualified professional training which will enhance the technical capabilities of your staff.

Henkel Canada Corp. (Loctite)
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June 21, 2021 - June 21, 2025
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