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Product demonstrations and hands-on training seminars are held at the following MAPEI locations: Laval (QC), Brampton (ON) and Delta (BC). Classes in other locations may be added as needed or requested. For information, please email: tservicesCA@mapei.com
Fundamental Systems Training
An overview of product knowledge with industry standards, product demonstrations and hands-on class participation.
TSIS (Tile & Stone Installation Systems)
Surface preparation, moisture mitigation, waterproofing, crack isolation, grouts, sealers, finishes, and cleaners for stone/tile/grout.
FCIS (Floor Covering Installation Systems)
Surface preparation, moisture mitigation, patching, sound reduction, carpet adhesives, resilient flooring adhesives, wood flooring adhesives and MAPEI’s Ultracoat system for wood floors.
CRS (Concrete Restoration Systems)
Application of epoxies, repair mortars, grouts and other cementitious materials, for waterproofing, anti-corrosion, repair and protection of all concrete structures, old and new.
CRFS (Cementitious and Resin Flooring Systems) for Industrial Flooring
Epoxies, polyurethane, and CPU (Cement based/Polyurethane) systems for industrial flooring such as manufacturing facilities, food processing and bottling plants, pharmaceutical laboratories, distribution centers and aircraft hangars.
Advanced Systems Training
A strategic, innovative approach to training, development and education utilizing MAPEI specialty products and systems, along with product demonstrations and hands-on class participation.
FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Polymers) and Other Composite Systems for Structural Strengthening
MAPEI UTT (Underground Tunnel Technology)

MAPEI Canada
MAPEI’s Canadian footprint currently spans over 4,600 km, with production facilities in Québec, Ontario and British Columbia and a distribution center in Alberta. The Laval plant and head office remains its largest facility in Canada and includes an R&D Center of Excellence for Concrete Restoration Systems.
June 22, 2021 - June 22, 2025
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