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Haver & Boecker Niagara Launches Next-Generation Niagara T-Class Vibrating Screen for Wide Range of Applications

Jul 7, 2022



Haver & Boecker Niagara Launches Next-Generation Niagara T-Class Vibrating Screen for Wide Range of Applications


ST. CATHARINES, Ontario (June 14, 2022) — Haver & Boecker Niagara announces the next-generation Niagara T-Class vibrating screen. The new design retains the technical benefits the original concentric technology is known for while improving screening uptime and performance with new features. The T-Class provides producers with a cost-effective, maintenance-friendly solution to process a wide range of materials within the aggregates, mining, industrial minerals, recycling industries and more.   

The T-Class deck frame is now primarily lockbolted rather than welded to provide optimum strength, reliability and safety. Lockbolts are proven to be more effective than welding in the demanding, load-bearing, high-vibration operation of a vibrating screen to ensure the machine’s structural integrity. The robustness of the machine also permits cross beams to be positioned and lockbolted every four feet instead of every two feet, allowing for better clearance and easier maintenance.

The new design allows producers to upgrade their vibrating screen with Haver & Boecker Niagara’s new Drop Guard system, further minimizing maintenance. The innovative liners provide 100% cross beam protection, both reducing wear and extending the life of the vibrating screen. The system simply drops over the cross beam with no adhesive or tools required, making installation quick and easy. 

Additionally, Haver & Boecker Niagara redesigned the flat deck frames of the new T-Class vibrating screen for simplified maintenance. The pin & anchor deck frame is adaptable to virtually any pin-style modular screen media. It features polyurethane anchors that are easy to replace and prevent premature wear on the deck frame. Additionally, the open design of the modular deck prevents material build-up on the bar rails. The cap & slide deck frame is adaptable to virtually any groove style modular screen media and features full rail protection.

The T-Class can also be manufactured for side-tensioned or bottom deck end-tensioned screen media. Each new side-tensioned machine comes with Haver & Boecker Niagara’s signature Ty-Rail™ quick-tensioning system, which cuts screen change-out times in half. 

“The new, more robust T-Class was designed specifically to offer more strength in the middle of the machine, where it’s needed most,” said Duncan High, the product manager behind Haver & Boecker Niagara’s new T-Class design. “Each update was engineered with ease of maintenance in mind, to keep downtime low while providing cost-efficiency.”

All Haver & Boecker Niagara vibrating screens undergo extensive testing, inspection and the industry-leading Pulse Vibration Analysis prior to shipping to ensure correct balance and smooth operation.

For more information, contact Duncan High at d.high@haverniagara.ca or visit www.haverniagara.com.

About Haver & Boecker Niagara

Haver & Boecker Niagara is a leading provider in screening, pelletizing and mineral processing plants and systems. The company’s mission is to deliver the best of these technologies to customers in the mining, minerals, aggregates, cement, building products, fertilizer and salt and recycling industries. With deep roots and years of experience in these industries, Haver & Boecker Niagara uses its innovative and shared technologies to effectively meet the needs of customers around the world. For more information: email info@haverniagara.ca; www.haverniagara.com; Facebook; LinkedIn; YouTube; and Instagram.



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