Calhoun Super Structure


May 14, 2015

We're proud of the structures we build. More importantly we're proud of the reputation we've built through satisfied customers. Here's what other people are saying about their Calhoun structure and how it's helped their operation...
September 2014 - "We recently purchased a 40x96 Calhoun Super Structure through your distributor Greg Lussier in Craftsbury, Vermont. We are ranchers located in Brandon, Vermont. Our initial contact with Mr. Lussier was very enlightening and he provided an excellent presentation of what we could expect, his firms installation and the time frame for completion. We were very impressed with the quality of the product and the method his firm would employ to make the construction a pleasant and rewarding experience. We also contacted a neighbor who had one of your structures erected and he was extremely complimentary of your product and the professionalism of Mr. Lussier's company. Our structure was delivered in the time frame quoted, construction commenced on the promised schedule and was completed with the utmost of efficiency and professionalism. Their staff is highly competent, polite and demonstrated concern for everything being exact and to more than what would be expected. Mr Lussier demonstrated more than what anyone would expect of a company. I can not recommend Mr. Lussier and his competent staff highly enough. Your company should be very grateful to have such a conscientious and dedicated distributor to represent your fine product. Debbie and I will promote your product and Mr. Lussier's company to anyone looking for these type of structures. Thank you very much, Debra and Harold Anderson Gaited Stables 776 Arnold District Road Brandon VT 05733 "

Debra and Harold Anderson, Brandon, VT

October 2013 - "The Board of Supervisors of Worth Township, Butler County located in Pennsylvania would like to thank Hybrid Building Solutions with the install of our Calhoun Super Structure. Hybrid Building Solutions are very knowledgeable with every process in constructing a Calhoun Super Structure. The Super Structure was installed in a timely manner. - The Board of Supervisors, Worth Township"

Worth Township, Butler County, PA

January 2013 - "I was pleased by the friendliness and polite character of you and your crew. Not to mention their hard work and ability to keep on schedule with the construction. Something that is quite rare nowadays! I would recommend your company and Calhoun to anyone wishing to put a large area under cover quickly and efficiently at a minimum cost."

J & B's Split Rock Farm, Weathersfield,VT

October 2012 - ""VINE is a sanctuary for rescued farmed animals, so you can imagine that the health, happiness, and safety of our residents is our primary concern. When we were first investigating barn options, it was clear that hoop barns are the way to go: they are light, airy, beautiful structures that don't feel claustrophobic, yet offer all of the necessary protection against the elements." "

Miriam Jones, Sprinfield, VT

July 2012 - "Our building is years old. It's on top of a hill in Hocking County, Ohio. It has sustained 75+ mph winds (on multiple occasions, including Jun 29, 2012 with NO DAMAGE! We're amazed!"

James and Melody Smith

May 2012 - "We have had the pleasure of enjoying our 72 x 200 Calhoun Superstructure now for a year and a half. We had wanted to expand our stable about 6 years ago and with careful planning, finally made the decision. Dennis and Mary Fife of Fife Agricultural Services and their right hand man Pat Nugent, along with their crew were awesome to deal with from start to finish and then some!! Their attention to detail was over the top and the end result was beyond our expectations!! Our building features windows on the front and sides with a 72 x 50 area completely sectioned off with a full height wall. 72 x 150 is the riding arena and the 72 x 50 area accommodates storage for ATV, horse trailer, arena harrow, hay, feed and shavings. It also houses a heated lounge/viewing room looking into the arena, four 10 x 12 box stalls and heated tack room. The building has a tremendous amount of air circulation throughout making it a very fresh and healthy environment for both horses and people and is always extremely bright inside, even on cloudy days. We chose Calhoun as we didn't find it as cold and damp during the winter and colder months compared to other types of buildings. It stays much warmer making riding or working with your horse very comfortable. During the summer months and on very hot days, the building stays cool and airy with the help of the optional screened vents we added at the front, back and middle peaks of the roof. We have had lots of people stop by to ask questions and see the building and we are always more than happy to show it off!!  The fellas from Fife Agricultural Services came in on a Saturday (without us even having to call to set up an appt., I might add) for a visit to see how everything was going and to give the building a thorough check after the first year and it passed with flying colours!! Everyone we have dealt with and who represents Calhoun Superstructures has been absolutely wonderful and we would not hesitate for a minute to recommend their buildings to anyone!! "

Norm-Ann Dale Acres Jeff and Sheri Sinclair

October 2011 - "The building looks great, both structurally and aesthetically. The crew did a great job putting the building up fast, while maintaining high quality workmanship. 90 x 198 VP Salt Storage"

Joe Wisinski County Highway Supt. Madison County NY

June 2011 - "I recently purchased a Calhoun Structure from you guys and I am really impressed. The customer service I received from you guys was amazing. When the barn was going up, another farmer stopped by and asked question about the barn and was quite interested in it. I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone who is interested! Thank you so much for the great service I received!! Jeff Floyd "

Jeff Floyd

October 2010 - "Our new sand/salt storage structure was completed early in 2010. To our knowledge, it is one of only a few anywhere that is connected to an existing dome. This required some ingenuity on the part of the contractors. We are extremely proud of our new structure. It is our intention to load our trucks for winter maintenance completely indoors, thus eliminating the spillage that typically occurs and mitigating the salt exposure to the environment. We have been promoting this new structure as our answer for salt management here in the Township of South Frontenac. This is our headquarters and main patrol yard: we intend to replicate this approach at our other 3 patrol yards. It must also be said that Dowline Structures were extremely capable in the installation of our Calhoun Super Structure."

Mark Segsworth (Township of South Frontenac)

February 2010 - "When looking for a suitable fabric covered shelter for our salt/sand storage we reviewed three of the top manufacturers of this type of building. We were looking for a quality product, expertise and timely installation, after sales service, realistic warranty and affordable pricing. We found all of the above with Calhoun Super Structure and after two years of use we are very satisfied."

John Graham (Roads Superintendent)-Municipality of Bluewater-Zurich, ON

January 2010 - "In 2007, when we were doing research into possibilities for a storage structure for our round bales, we viewed an existing "Calhoun Superstructure" and immediately were impressed with the natural lighting and ventilation features. One year later our oldest son who had an existing meat chicken business for the local market, needed housing to accommodate his expanding enterprise. He constructed a superstructure and within the first year the birds, with the combination of natural lighting and ventilation grew well and were ready for market 2-3 weeks earlier, thus decreasing input costs. So, in 2009 when we made the decision to replace our existing traditional tie stall dairy facility, we did not hesitate to contact Temple Stewart of T&G Farm Supplies to explore the possibilities of incorporating a superstructure into our plans. Our experience of quality workmanship and follow up maintenance made it an easy decision. We have been milking in our new superstructure for one month now and the cows and their caregivers are extremely happy in their new home."

Jewell Dale Farm - Meadow Bank, PEI

October 2009 - "Our township was looking for an affordable way to store our cinders. After researching the possibilities we found that Calhoun was the best option. The building was delivered and installed within the time range given and the crew was extremely professional. We are abundantly pleased with the Calhoun product and the service of Unique Building Systems Inc. We would highly recommend Calhoun Super Structures."

Leonard Bartkus - Gibson Township, PA

June 2009 - "After a wind storm hit our barn in late April, half our barn roof was ripped off. Within the hour we called in to inform them of our situation. A couple of days later, as soon as weather permitted, a new roof was put up. We are very satisfied with their promptness and the quality shown in their work."

Albert Visscher

May 2009 - "We have two Calhoun Super Structures on our farm and plan to build a third this year. The natural light and fresh air flow provide a superior environment for the animals. We used to raise our young stock in the old milking barn. Over the course of a winter we would usually have a handful of illness cases. Now we raise them in our 40 X 90 Calhoun Super Structure and this past winter, not one case of illness. These buildings are top notch. "

Nick Meyer - North Hardwick Dairy - Organic Valley Dairy Farmer

May 2009 - "I have owned our Super Structure for 2 years. The horses are extremely relaxed in the natural light. My husband and I operate and run Equine Assisted Therapy at Willow Farm in Centerbury, OH. The acoustics in our Super Structure is excellent. The children and their parents can hear everything I say and I do not have to yell."

Karen Sanchez - Equine Assissted Therapy at Willow Farm - Centerbury, OH.