Aug 19, 2015

Plumbing consists of installing, repairing and maintaining pipes, accessories and other plumbing items used for water distribution and wastewater evacuation in private homes or commercial and industrial buildings. Plumbing also refers to gas pipes.
The key tasks of plumbers are as follows: installing and repairing residential, commercial or industrial plumbing fixtures; measuring, cutting, folding, shaping and tapping piping systems using manual or mechanical machines or tools to achieve the desired dimensions; joining pipes together, to heating devices or plumbing fixtures using pipe fittings, clamps, screws, bolts or gluing, brazing or welding materials; ensuring the proper operation of the system and detecting leakage using a pressure gauge; adjusting and maintaining systems; reading plans, drawings and specifications; tracing the pipe path on walls and other partitions; and create openings in walls and floors for the pipes and their related accessories.


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