MND Equipment Resources Inc.

About the Company

Mission Statement
MND Equipment Resources Inc. is dedicated to providing you with high quality products and professional services, while working to ensure customer satisfaction. 
About Us
MND Equipment Resources Inc. was founded by company president Dan Daoust in 2014. Based on nearly 20 years experience in the mining, industrial and heavy equipment related industries.
Dan has a variety of experience that he brings with him to this venture. He has worked as a heavy equipment mechanic and a machine operator. That practical knowledge allows him to assess your heavy equipment needs  from a specialized perspective.
About Waldon Equipment
Founded in 1957, Waldon was formed under the impression that hard working citizens needed durable, heavy duty, machinery they could count on, and at a price that was fair. The pride and workmanship that goes into every Waldon machine is what produces loaders trusted for years by companies like U.S. Steel, Tyson Foods, Corning Glass, and many others. 
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For more information about the services MND Equipment Resource Inc. provides, and the many ways products from Waldon Equipment can benefit your work flow, call Dan Daoust at 1-705-690-8192.

April 6, 2015
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