Calhoun Super Structure

About the Company

Our Mission

Our mission is to diligently pursue excellence in all aspects of product design, manufacturing and supply through a focus on development of people, innovation and sound engineering with a goal of being a leader in the fabric building industry.
Our Company
Our strength is in our structure. Not just the structure of our fully engineered line of fabric covered buildings, but the structure of our company, our employees and our dealer network.
Calhoun Super Structures proven and reliable engineering has been the driving force behind our family owned company from the very beginning. With an emphasis on customer service and quality craftsmanship, our company’s primary focus is on client satisfaction.

Our History
First ever Calhoun Structure, located on the Calhoun Family Farm in Chesley, Ontario
Calhoun Super Structures is a family owned company. We built the first Calhoun Super Structure on our family farm in rural Ontario and continue to take pride in ownership on every building that we manufacture and sell. Our family name is on every building that we produce, and you can be assured that if it isn’t strong enough to go in our backyard, we will not allow it in your back yard.
We are the first last name in fabric covered buildings!

History Timeline
• 1992 – Leonard Calhoun begins selling fabric structures through Calhoun Agri Services Ltd. in Chesley, Ontario
• February 2000- Calhoun Super Structures is founded by Leonard’s sons, Jeremy and Sean Calhoun and includes the installation of fabric covered buildings.
• 2002- Calhoun Super Structure sells direct and a dealer network is formed to provide local service to all of their clients.
• 2006- Leonard Calhoun retires and discontinues the sale of fabric structures through Calhoun Agri Services Ltd.
• 2008- Calhoun Super Structures launches its VP Series Buildings
• 2009- Calhoun Super Structures launches its newest building profile, the HT Series Buildings.
• 2010- Calhoun Super Structures is awarded the Business of the Year award for businesses over 25 employees
• March 1st 2011- Increased growth and sales allows Calhoun Super Structures to open its own manufacturing plant in Goderich, Ontario.
• August 2011- Sean Calhoun branches out and establishes the Blue Mountain Cover Company to provide covers and quality services for Calhoun Super Structures