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STC Footwear Inc

There used to be a large shoe manufacturing sector in Canada. Today, however STC is one of the few footwear companies actually producing boots in Canada. STC employs in excess of 150 people in Canada and makes over 200,000 prs. annually. There is within the company a passion for the business of manufacturing and developing quality footwear.


The employees of STC have over the years retained their keen understanding of working with our main raw material- leather and have maintained their skills of hand making boots while still understanding and employing the use of modern machinery were it is best suited.


With product innovation at our heart, manufacturing flexibility and understanding market requirements we make and develop quality footwear.


We are keenly interested in your needs and will go to great lengths to understand your needs and build the best footwear to meet these needs.


At the end of the day we are a group of old shoe dogs that are passionate about footwear. With a combined experience of over 100 years in the shoe business we’ve learned a few things about making and developing footwear.


STC is located in Montreal, Canada and as a modern distribution facility. We also have a development office in Guangzhou China and sales offices in Cambridge, Ontario Canada and Santiago, Chile.