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Adelard Soucy Inc.
217, rue Témiscouata,
Rivière-du-Loup, Québec, Canada
Post Code: QC G5R 2Y8
Fax: 1-888-862-2490
Telephone: 418-862-2355

Adelard Soucy Inc.

Adélard Soucy (1975) Inc. is a leader in all the services required for the planning and the success of your projects.

Our expertise covers various industries such as mining, hydropower, energy, aluminum and metallurgy, pulp and paper, sawmill, as well as manufacturing and industrial in general.

Historical May 31, 2013
Realization May 31, 2013
Mission May 31, 2013

LEADERS in the soldering business, Adelard
Soucy (1975) inc. has mastered perfectly
a large range of soldering methods.

Adelard Soucy (1975) inc. has also made
a name for itself in the field of balancing. Our
job is to balance everything that rotates.

The Adelard Soucy (1975), without a doubt,
the team is most recognised for its
precision manufacturing and for restoring
faulty pieces back to their original condition.

What makes us so well-known in the
construction industry is, without a doubt,
our expertise and the way in which we
set ourselves apart during shutdowns.

Our highly qualified teams are known for
their safety precautions and their skills
workin gwith cranes. Rigorous training is
required for the proper execution of tasks.

We are prepared for the installation of
equipment, preventive maintenance, the
repair or modification of production machinery,
mechanical adjustments of all sizes and more.

Our team is in a position to manufacture,
prefabricate and assemble pipes, coils
and valves in our piping workshop, in
addition to the installation of onsite piping.

Our portable industrial lathes are
indisputably our most popular on-site
service. Once again, we can carry out
any machining jobs.