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Sales Head Office
133-2611 Hopewell Place NE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Post Code: T1Y 7J7
Fax: +1 (403) 640-1876
Telephone: +1 (403) 252-3324

Eaton Industries

Eaton's electrical business is a worldwide leader in power distribution, power protection, and power equipment maintenance. We are a single source, full-line manufacturer of leading electrical product brands such as Cutler-Hammer®, Powerware®, Durant®, Heinemann®, Holec®, MEM®, and Westinghouse*. Eaton's extensive products, solutions and services meet global electrical standards such as IEC, CSA, and ANSI/NEMA. For over a century, our electrical business has been providing a wide array of electrical solutions from complex custom industrial and commercial assembly applications to simple, yet innovative residential components.

October 11, 2013
Inside this issue

Eaton's electrical training programs provide
coordinated training sessions to better meet
the learning needs of our channel partners.
Our training is market-focused and will keep
you up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs
in products, services, tools, technology, and
proprietary applications.

The 101 Basics Series is designed to provide
a solid foundation of power distribution and
control equipment knowledge - from the
fundamentals of electricity and electrical
distribution to basic information on products.