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Four Leaf Solutions Incorporated
584 Clinton Avenue
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Fax: (705) 673-9980
E-mail: rplaxton@fourleafsolutions.com
Post Code: P3B 2T2

Telephone: (705) 673-5401

Four Leaf Solutions Incorporated

Founded in 1997 by four programmers from Sudbury Ontario, FLS has developed breakthrough services and applications with repeated success. Working closely with our local clients for over 12 years, we have positioned ourselves as software innovators employing over 30 skilled workers and contractors to respond to your needs.

Business Solutions June 21, 2013
Mining Solutions June 21, 2013

Easily search, track, communicate with
and manage your assets with the latest in
real- time WiFi and leaky feeder technology
or use your existing infrastructure.


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Our staff have worked on over 500 individual
projects in the mining industry with proven
expertise and knowledge in software,
hardware, communications and support