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Wire Rope Lubrication System

FLO's installed Automated Lubrication System consists of a 12/24 VDC Series 203 pump, UV positive displacement grease metering valves, fittings, tubing, hose and custom guarding. Pumps include an integrated adjustable timer for easy installation, trouble-free operation and maximum flexibility. Reservoirs range from 5 - 15 lbs. Our automated greasing systems service steering cylinders, center articulation, oscillating axles, lift cylinders, boom anchors, bucket joints, transmission hanger bearings, suspension cylinder, dump box pivots, drill mast bearings, hammer surfaces, "H" links on excavators, and more. The FLO lubrication system is suitable for most off-the-shelf North American greases currently in your shop. It will handle lubricants up to an NLGI #2 rating to -25 °C or -13°F. 
Wire Rope Lubrication System

This system replaces manual cleaning and lubrication of wire ropes. Using your Wire Rope Lube System, the old lubricant and grit are mechanically scraped from the grooves and surfaces of the wire ropes. Simultaneously, new lubricant is uniformly applied to the cleaned wire rope surface and injected into the inner core of the wire. The new lubricant reduces wear between individual strands of wire by replacing the trapped moisture in the wire rope. This eliminates a major cause of corrosion. The system will help provide you peace of mind in the safe operation of your wire rope and extends its working life.