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Create Your Own Show

Apr 14, 2014

Trade Shows have a rich history and it was not uncommon to establish a fair or show at the crossroads of a community and host periodic events during special dates. Today tradeshows are recognized as catalysts and are the indicators to market trends and or patterns. With the internet, new media and technology have contributed to increase their efficiency and outreach. Organization, communities are turning to Trade Shows as a prominent part of their marketing strategies, a properly structured event can showcase the communities strengths and help execute your strategies. This approach is being witnessed in emerging economies (Eastern Europe and Asia) are creating Trade Shows to fast track economic development.

Why Trade Shows are Great Ways to Promote  

Canadian Trade-ex welcomes the opportunity of discussing how we can help your organization or community benefit from hosting a Trade Show. We look forward to introducing our experienced team and discussing your vision and determing the extent of our involvement with your Trade Show.

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