Canadian Trade Ex


Apr 14, 2014

Conferences are great way to bring together a community of like minded individuals. Many times the added by product of a conference is the platform itself and the networking sessions where you can discuss issues, ideas with other individuals who are on the same level. It’s the human interaction that can only be achieved through a conference that brings clarity to your visions.
Successful Events require an understanding of the process: We have organized a number of conferences and are prepared to work with an organization ensuring your conference delivers and exceeds all expectations.

Our process breaks down your event into the following headlines:
• Type of Conference
• Conference Blueprint
• Organizational responsibilities and roles
• Preparation of Budget
• Sponsorship
• Facilities and Layout
• Type of Content
• Adding Audio/webcasting/taping/ and other engaging meduims
• Setting up ticketing
• Marketing the Conference
• Coordinating Logistics
• Adding Social Events from Gala Dinners to Fun Activiities
• Establishing Hotel and Air/Car rental sponsors and agreements
• Est: Policies Doc and Contracts

We welcome the opportunity how Canadian Trade-ex could assist your organization in delivering a Conference that will become the Must To Attend Event of the Year…

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