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Engine Diagnostics

Dec 18, 2015
Modern vehicles can have anywhere from 30 to 100 separate on-board computers feeding information to a central control unit, which is called the onboard diagnostics system (OBD).These individual computers monitor everything from how far your vehicle is leaning in a corner, how much oxygen is contained in your vehicle’s exhaust, to the fuel mixture, ignition timing and the performance of your vehicle. Often, the samples are being taken thousands of times per second; which then notifies you as any problems come up by turning on yellow warning indicators.
No matter if your light is steady (make an appointment as soon as you can) or if it is blinking (indicates a severe misfire and needs immediate attention as extensive engine or related component damage could occur) you will need to have your vehicle seen by a qualified automotive technician.These technicians will use sophisticated diagnostic equipment to determine where in the system is the issue by diagnosing failures in either the control units or the parts they are monitoring.
Things that you can keep an eye out for to indicate a start of a problem:
• Hard starting or long cranking in hot or cold situations.
• Hesitation when you first accelerate.
• Increased fuel consumption.
• Pinging or knocking under hard acceleration.
• Routinely stalling.
• Lack of power when accelerating or going up an incline.

Don’t let just anyone “tinker” or guess when dealing with these components – only qualified automotive technician have the equipment and data required to diagnose and repair modern problems in modern vehicles.
TIP – if your check engine light comes on and is steady, try checking your gas cap to make sure that it is tightened properly.It may take a couple of trips to get the light to reset.

Source: http://www.oktire.com/en/auto-service/engine-diagnostics

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