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Dec 18, 2015
The exhaust system is a vital part of your vehicle’s emission system, as it is responsible for removing several different emissions from your vehicle; these include the harmful gases carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen monoxide. As these leaks can be very dangerous to you and your passenger’s health due to inhaling toxic fumes, they must be corrected without delay by bringing it to a qualified automotive technician immediately.
Some of the main reasons for issues are rust, water that builds up from not using your vehicle for an extended time or a lot of short trips, along with cracks from normal usage. Living in an area that uses salt throughout the winter may also increase the risk of problems; as salt can cause corrosion.
Issues with your exhaust system may also negatively affect your fuel economy or vehicle performance.So even if you are unsure if you have an issue, it is always a good idea to have a qualified automotive technician to do an inspection on your next scheduled appointment.
The technician will visually and audibly inspect the entire exhaust system from the engine all the way to the tailpipe looking for any leaks, rust, broken components, or any unusual or loud noises. A backpressure test may also be required to determine if there are any blockages or restrictions within the exhaust system.
Once a diagnostic inspection has been completed, the technician will repair or replace any defective, broken, or worn components.A final inspection will then be completed to insure that your system is working as it was designed.
When your exhaust system is doing its job properly you are then able to drive your vehicle safely, your overall driving experience will be enhanced, and it is safe for the environment.


Truck and Coach Technicians and/or Class a Mechanics

Truck and Coach Technicians and/or Class A Mechanics – working as part of the Vehicle Service’s Team you will be responsible for a variety of duties relating to the repair and maintenance of vehicle’s including: Technical repairs, PM/Service, Field services, Diagnosis/Inspection and Customer Service.

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Honestly Driven – all employees of OK Tire Stores know that providing exceptional customer service and quality workmanship is our number one priority.

Warehouse Manager

Seeking a dynamic, focused leader to oversee the operations of our Dartmouth warehouse.