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Electrical Systems

Dec 18, 2015
A vehicle’s electrical system is built off of three basic components; a battery, starter and an alternator. All three of these components need to work together to start and run your car, and if one fails you may be able to get your engine to turn over, but it may not operate for long.
Your battery provides all electrical current for your car before you start the vehicle, things like interior lights, dashboard indicators and your radio. It also powers the ignition, fuel systems and any of your vehicle’s onboard computer systems. If power to the ignition and fuel systems is insufficient, there will be a failure in creating an environment where combustion can occur, which means your engine won’t start.
Starter motors are supplied power from your battery, and are in turn what starts your engine. When power is delivered to you starter motor, it makes a flywheel rotate. This rotation of the flywheel makes the physical components of your engine begin to move. The crankshaft rotates, which makes the pistons begin their cycle and so on. If the starter fails, the other parts don’t move and neither do you.
An alternator, when the engine is running, has the purpose of keeping your battery charged and ensures the electrical system keeps functioning. If your alternator is malfunctioning, your car may still run, but you may experience battery drain, erratic electrical system operations or you can even lose power altogether.
Routine inspections of the battery, both for charge and corroded cables are only part of verifying that your vehicle is in top shape. Diagnostic checks also confirm that your starter is drawing the correct amount of current, whether your starter is wearing out and a complete electrical system inspection confirms whether your alternator is generating current and voltage correctly.
Regular maintenance and preventative measures can help make sure that a small problem doesn’t turn into a large and potentially costly repair.

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