EPC Canada

About Us

Our extensive experience has cultivated our reputation for reliability and professionalism; placing us as an authority with the capability to implement effective blasting development programs, technical support and appropriate training to clients.
By skillfully manufacturing bulk and packaged emulsions, ANFO, and specialist products such as buttbuster, an innovative perimeter control explosive, we are able to offer clients a full catalogue of explosive solutions. Add to this our comprehensive range of initiation systems such as electric, non-electric and electronic detonators, boosters, lead wires and detonating cords, and our ability to combine effective blast solutions, with advanced expertise becomes clear.
Extending our exceptional service from orders and production to safe delivery or relocation, our company fleet of specialist transit vehicles supported by the expertise of our trained logistics team, ensures the safe transportation of restricted, licensed and protectively marked goods.
Originally founded in 1970, Nordex Explosives Ltd became part of the larger EPC Groupe in 2016, further developing our company’s international presence and industry caliber.