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Mississauga Head Office
2470 Milltower Crt.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Fax: +1(905) 363-0681
Post Code: L5N 7W5

Telephone: +1(905) 363-0678, Toll Free: +1(855) 746-2446

Pinchin Environmental Ltd.

It’s not just the environment that’s changing. It’s becoming more difficult to keep up with the shifting landscape of local, regional and national regulations that affect your business.

Pinchin can help you to balance your business goals with an understanding of both natural and built environments. That means investigating what could be under the soil at a potential building site, or what’s inside the walls of your office complex - and what that could mean to your bottom line. It’s helping you know that the people in your organization work in a safe, healthy space, and that you are compliant with often complex environmental, health and safety standards and laws.

We continue to build on our reputation as a highly-trusted consulting firm that is responsive and sure-footed for our customers in today’s rapidly shifting economic, environmental, social and political terrain. From a thorough understanding of our indoor environments and the hazards that can affect both people and profits, to up-to-date expertise on assessing a company’s “carbon footprint,” Pinchin Environmental looks forward to working with an increasingly diverse range of customers to provide innovative and effective services and solutions.
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@PinchinEnviro First of 2 courses (Radon Measurement & Mitigation) skills & knowledge to successfully manage radon gas in buildings. http://t.co/54aJXp9pj9
5 years ago
@PinchinEnviro Radon, its health risks and how exposure can be prevented - Mississauga & Toronto sessions http://t.co/zZ3y00oDsX
5 years ago
@PinchinEnviro Buildings can be shut down because of mould - Be ready for the challenge - 2 day Manitoba course May 27-28 http://t.co/a66n7e5yZ7
5 years ago
@PinchinEnviro Manitoba Asbestos Control in Buildings & Industry 3 day course May 20 - 22. Stressing practical field experience http://t.co/a7p9olw1wY
5 years ago
@PinchinEnviro 3 Complimentary Wastewater and Stormwater By-Law Information Sessions.: Municipal, Brantford and Toronto http://t.co/UmQBjugOWB
5 years ago
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Learn How to Manage Radon Gas in Your Building - We are presenting two courses (Radon Measurement & Mitigation) this August to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage radon gas within buildings. This is the first one.
5 years ago
Learn about radon, its associated health risks and how Radon exposure can be prevented - Mississauga & Toronto sessions
5 years ago
Buildings can be shut down because of mould, those responsible for safety in buildings, must be ready to meet the challenge. 2 day course May 27-28
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"Manitoba Asbestos Control in Buildings & Industry" 3-day course for building owners, facilities managers, contractors, consultants, designers & site supervisors - May 20-22
5 years ago
Pinchin has created 3 Complimentary Wastewater & Stormwater By-Law Information Sessions: Municipal, Brantford and Toronto.
5 years ago

Our specialized services include
sustainability performance reporting and
benchmarking of GHG, energy, water and
other emission inventories.

Chemical, odour and noise control issues can
happen to any business. Pinchin
 can help you identify and
implement a
 cost-effective solution.

Our environmental engineers, scientists,
technologists, lab technicians, and project
managers have experience with all kinds of
environmental issues.