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MiHR's approach to addressing the human resources challenges in the Canadian mining industry is simple, yet innovative and highly effective—work together, bring the best ideas to the table for the benefit of all, and utilize available resources wisely.
Freymond Group of Companies deal in all aspects of forestry from palnting and harvesting to processing and selling.
The Miller Group, headquartered in Markham, Ontario is a diversified Canadian company providing the public and private sectors with road construction, paving, road and structure rehabilitation, engineering construction, waste management, transit operations, highway operations and maintenance services, aggregate-based materials, cement,...
The S.A.F.E. CO. is not a “one containers fits all” company. We recognize that everyone’s storage needs are unique. Whether you require portable on demand storage, flexible self storage or need to own a long term solution we can accommodate you.
Thomas Solutions meets the work truck, cartage, and manpower needs of the heavy industrial, steel, construction, engineering, and tradesmen markets with innovative custom solutions. Our team is passionate about two things – trucks and customers. We form strong, flexible partnerships with our customers and collaborate to deliver...
Thor Global is an international company that has been designing, manufacturing and delivering bulk material handling equipment for over 40 years. Smart design, low maintenance and durability & longevity are the key distinguishing characteristics of these products. Our mission is to equip clients with the tools to handle bulk material and...
Thunder Airlines was founded in 1994 with one general goal in mind — to serve the Northern Ontario communities — and that is precisely what we do.
Timbercraft Consultation Inc. uses RTK GPS and impulse lasers to take precise measurements. We are an independent auditor, so we can be trusted to ensure that you have correct calculations to work from. Stop estimating and know what your jobs truly cost.