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Articul Tenure #996162

Location and Licenses

Central Coordinate 122° 40' 46" W Longitude 53° 27' 45" N Latitude
8 cell tenure – 154.02 hectares (380.43 acres)
Price: $ 3,108 plus 5% royalty

The Ten-To-One placer tenure overlies a northwesterly trending fault which (quite like the One Stop property) may well control the underlying physiology and precious metals deposit-behavior of this area of the Fraser River. Situate only 2.75 kilometres north of Naver Creek’s confluence with the Fraser, the property is situate only 7 kilometres NW of the settlement of Hickson, within the Cariboo Mining District. During Spring freshet the gravel bars and shoals abutting the farm fields generally floods, which then leaves several small islands in the mainstream flow of the Fraser, creating natural entrapments. Situate on a large swooping inside river bend, this then aids in the accumulation of yet further placer deposition. As the water level recedes to its later Summer, Fall and early Spring levels, the array of gravel bars and shoals become exposed, making them once again accessible for placer recovery operations.


Access to the claim area is gained via Brownscombe Road, a secondary two-lane gravel road leading westward from Highway 97, at co-ordinate 122° 37' 26.19" W Longitude 53° 28 09.96" N Latitude, 5.5 kilometres north of the bridge crossing Hickson Creek. Brownscombe Road is followed southwestward, thence southward until swinging back northward, thence following the main roadway (the left fork) to the farm area and beyond, switch-backing, thence down to the lower field areas, which lie immediately adjacent to the gravel bars on Ten-To-One tenure.


Only limited sampling had been conducted during a 2005 field-sampling program, however, though that which had been recovered showed warrant to one day effect the area’s staking, the extent and distribution of placer minerals was not determined at that time. The annual rise and fall of the Fraser River refreshes with new deposit.