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3 on Black

Articul Tenure #996182

Location and Licenses

Central Coordinate 122° 55' 34.8" W Longitude 53° 17' 59.7" N Latitude
3 cell tenure – 57.97 hectares (143.19 acres)
Price: $ 2,916 plus 5% royalty

The “3 on Black” placer property, is situate along Blackwater River, 3.3 kilometres west of its confluence with the Fraser River. This tenure was staked in result of work conducted during 2004 on the west side of the Fraser River, between Quesnel and Prince George. Blackwater River was sampled at several locations, including limited panning along the tenure area. Due to the physiology of this locale, it was found that the path of the water-flow thrust not only fresh gravels to the outside of the river’s bend, but also scatters logs and other debris to accumulate at the head of that land-mass protrusion. Closer examination of this area revealed an old channel crosses the infilled bench, which obviously had gotten formed during an earlier period. It was from within this old channel that the recovered samples were realized.


The “3 on Black” tenure is located 45 kilometres north from the west side of the Quesnel bridge, which crosses the Fraser. From the west end of said bridge, N. Fraser Drive is taken, which then turns into the Blackwater Road, upon which to remain, for a distance of 9.45 kilometres to the three-way intersection just before Bouchie Lake Recreational Area. The Blackwater Road then strikes north (right hand turn). Thereafter, staying on Blackwater Road until passing over the small bridge spanning Blackwater River, thereafter traveling another 4.75 kilometres to a FSR extending eastward, thence following the varied courses of said logging roads to the tenure.