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Black Jack

Articul Tenure #996342

Location and Licenses

Central Coordinate 121° 30' 04.5" W Longitude 49° 22' 36.9” N Latitude
2 cell tenure – 42/07 hectares (103.91 acres)
Price: $2,817 plus 5% royalty

The Black Jack mineral tenure was staked in result of an observation made when landing at the Hope airport following a late 2004 aerial reconnaissance survey involving other interesting areas bearing high potential. It was (and at this point remains) uncertain if the extremely dark coloration evidenced along the shoreline of the Fraser River (as demonstrated in the Google Earth image shown hereto) were the result of adjacent mineral seepage or that that locale acts as host to mass mineral accumulation, deposited through the freshet flowage of the Fraser. The latter noted being the suspected. However, interest in this property is being considered for transfer.