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GSN Symposium 2015 New Concepts and Discoveries
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Even as much as the world has become available for exploration over the past decade, miners continue to return to Nevada. Why?

Political stability, transparent regulatory environment, good infrastructure and GREAT GEOLOGICAL POTENTIAL. Miners return to focus on Nevada’s geology and its important mineral deposit types: Carlin, epithermal and intrusion-related gold and silver, as well as other deposit types (porphyry Cu and Mo, IOCG and industrial materials) are also rising in importance.
Despite Nevada’s unparalleled record, mines are getting harder to find, and the discovery rate is going down. There are plenty of reasons for this, ranging from lack of access to capital markets to the fact that the established trends are well-explored. We can improve our track record by better understanding the geologic and geochemical processes that
bear on the two quintessential questions of exploration:
1) Where to look? and, once in the right location, 
2) How to vector into an economic deposit?
The 2015 symposium theme, NEW CONCEPTS AND DISCOVERIES, emphasizes both the major deposit types and trends that have sustained the mining industry for several decades as well as other deposit types and areas that may eventually have greater influence. The focus of this meeting is exposing the attendees to new ideas that we use to find new deposits: case studies, descriptions of new (or recently reinvigorated) deposits and targets, framework geology, tectonics and metallogeny, and the latest deposit concepts and exploration technologies.
As with previous symposia, the meeting will include talks, poster and drill core presentations, numerous exhibitors, and pre- and post-meeting field trips and short courses, culminating with the popular follow-up volumes. It will be organized into morning plenary (single session) talks and afternoon concurrent sessions with an emphasis on discussion. It will be preceded on May 17 by a special joint GSN-SEG forum entitled “Carlin-like Gold Deposits: What Can We Learn Beyond the Known Trends and Nevada?” The format of this session will be modeled after the popular GSN-SEG forum “Controversies on the Origin of World-Class Gold Deposits: Carlin and Witwatersrand, which was held prior to GSN’s 2005 symposium.
We invite you to join us, and more importantly to participate! Contact us if you want to contribute a paper, talk or poster, or if you have ideas about talks you would like to hear or topics to be explored.
Laura Ruud, Office Manager
Phone (775) 323-3500
Fax (775) 323-3599
Thursday, May 14 - 24, 2015
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